For Business Owners

  1. In your LEP Dashborad,  tab.
  2. Add menu categories under Menu categories tab (i.e Pizzas, Burgers)
  3. Add menu Items under Food Items tab in the categories you have created before (i.e Pizzas Margherita 12″ Deep Pan). You can also add Extras menu to any Food Item for any special request (i.e cheese topping)
  1. In your LEP Dashboard, navigate to Orders tab.
  2. You can see all the received orders , can manage them and generate receipts.
  3. You can see Order’s details and by clicking plus icon under details column.
  4. You can change the order status in order details popup.
  5. Once order is ready for Pick-up or Delivery, change the order status to "Completed"
  1. In your LEP Dashboard, navigate to My Restaurant tab.
  2. In the Information box, list down your available mode of payments and instructions.
  3. In the Disable cash on Delivery? section, select "No" if  you don't offer COD.
  4. will not accept payments on your behalf, customers will only have an option to pay COD or Direct to Merchant.
  1. You need to place a Fee for Delivery/Pickup for options to show.
  2. We suggest you put the packaging cost for your pickup fee. 
  3. If your delivery fee is not flat rate, place the minimum fee, and indicate on Restaurant Info that delivery fee calculation will be based on chosen delivery method (Grab, Lalamove, etc)
We are currently providing the service FREE of charge for the first six months. If needed, to make sure our system is running smoothly, we might provide premium accounts for a very minimal fee.
As the business owner, you might be too busy to manage orders on your LEP Dashboard. So we gave you the ability to create sub-users for your account to help manage your online business.
Only LEP Official Vendors are featured in this site. If you are an Official Vendor and you are not featured, please contact us. If you wish to be part of the association, please contact the founder, Mark Tanseco del Rosario , for details

For Customers

  1. Check on the Restaurant info for Payment details.
  2. Select the food item/s you want to order.
  3. Choose Pick-up or Delivery, if applicable
  4. Choose Cash on Delivery or Card as form or payment, when choosing card, this will give you the option to pay the merchant directly based on the instructions in the Restaurant info.
  5. When the order status becomes "Completed", your order is ready to be delivered or picked up.
Only customers with Completed transactions can make a review to the restaurant. Let's keep the feedback professional and constructive.